Access For Business

How We Work
A Team Approach
Each MS Access development project is developed by a team of technically excellent developers skilled in several areas. The team is led by a senior manager
who has at least ten years experience. We provide teams of individuals so that you aren’t limited to the expertise of only one person. Your project includes system architecture and design, network analysis, database construction, code development and testing, code review and in-depth problem analysis resources. Teams are the best approach because they ensure that several people will know your project so that the project does not depend on any single individual. People sometimes become unavailable. Do not let that possibility put the success of your project at risk.
A Proven Methodology
The greatest impediment to on time delivery of any software application is an imprecise assessment of where the technical hurdles lie. Starting detail work such as database and form creation without identification of basic project technical issues can unnecessarily horribly delay the project. We can then quickly construct a demonstration solution that proves that the material technical challenges have been overcome.
Maintainable, standards-compliant code.
Our MS Access programming teams are trained to implement for maintainability. They know the importance of coding standards and their code is carefully reviewed. Your team will employ the implementation standards most appropriate for your application and they understand and appreciate the need to develop to your specifications. We provide technical oversight as both a training tool for developers and as a means of ensuring high performance and an easy to use application.
Cost effective pricing.
We will explain development options and help you understand what features or issues can drive up cost. In the case where your MS Access project can be precisely specified, we can provide a fixed price for the work. We are experienced at managing various development teams and when appropriate we work closely other developers. We maintain a full-time team of employees and have additional resources available to meet your needs.
Knowledge sharing and training.
We will freely share all information about the structure of your systems, the organization and relationships entailed in your data and discuss both their strengths and their weaknesses. We will be happy to train your staff in any technical area. With greater understanding of your systems, comes the ability to derive more benefit from them. We will then assist you in finding the most cost effective combination of our services so that you are best positioned for further growth.
Ongoing support.
We know that you may need MS Access support so we are available over the long term. Our commitment to you lasts as long as you need. We have customers who have been with us for over 35 years.
Please contact us to discuss your project.