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Access for Business helps organizations that have outgrown their old databases to import Excel into Access database solutions. You can rely on our vast experience of over 30 years in delivering quality MS Access database development and migration services in New Jersey.

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We Transfer Excel to Access

Transferring Excel to Access is a specialty of our team of knowledgeable Microsoft Access professionals. We are glad to assist you with turning your Excel spreadsheets into a fully functional MS Access database while effectively moving any custom validation, formulas, and VBA code, whether you only have one straightforward sheet or several complicated workbooks.

We successfully transfer Excel to Access database solutions, providing organizations with data integrity and usability. While maintaining the Excel data model, we can transfer Excel data to Access and create scripts to automate this procedure. With our services, all issues with data integrity are immediately resolved, and speed is greatly increased. We've completed dozens of projects for client organizations of different sizes and industries, and we're ready to assist with yours as well!

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Benefits Of Excel To Access Migration

Through the years of working with Microsoft data management products, businesses have picked up on several reasons why use Access over Excel. Explore the advantages of Excel to Access import and migration.

Definite structure

Excel spreadsheets become challenging to use when they grow overly complicated. We can design a structured table layout in Microsoft Access and make sure your data is structured and orderly. Specialists at Access for Business can produce a number of forms and reports without the need for manual filtering, scrolling, sorting, and searching. Your business will continue operating without hurdles.


Another benefit of Excel to Access migration is improved speed of operations and overall performance. Excel's thousands of rows can make calculations, changes, and actions take longer. Multiple people accessing the same workbook simultaneously can be problematic as well. Microsoft Access is powerful enough to handle thousands of records and support numerous users.


Our Excel to Access professionals can help you to enhance the safety of your Access database. Microsoft Access provides strong security, allowing you to use encryption, role-based access, and many other security features.


MS Access offers a wide range of features specifically designed for data management that are not present in MS Excel. Access is the way to go if you want to increase reporting, use better networking options, or benefit from new accessibility capabilities.

Why Businesses Need Importing Excel Data To Access

Even though Excel has advantages like affordability, usability, and flexibility for data structuring, when it comes to managing, they turn into disadvantages. Challenges like merging spreadsheet versions, moving data between MS Access and Excel databases, fixing typos, etc. are all too frequent. Therefore, there are several reasons why organizations might need professional assistance in importing data from Excel into Access.

Interdepartmental projects

You might need help with importing Excel into Access during collaboration with other teams or departmental structures that utilize Excel while you use the MS Access database. To ensure proper communication, and avoid errors and miscalculations because of redundant data, it’s best to keep all data in one shared database.

Changing systems

Migrating from one system to another without professional assistance is always risky for your data and business processes as you need to transfer a sizable amount of data from Excel to Access. That’s why businesses choose to request importing Excel Data to Access from experts when they want to switch programs.

Performance issues

Importing Excel into Access and changing systems might be needed when, because of the large volumes of data, Excel can’t meet your requirements in terms of performance and speed. Calculations and processes often can be slowed down when multiple users work in the same workbook.

Merging two documents

As an option for increased efficiency in data management, you can import Excel into Access in order to combine the information from two finished documents.

Import Excel Into Access

How We Convert Excel To Access

To successfully convert Excel to Access database, professionals at Access for Business follow a tried-and-true process and effective practices. As soon as you contact us with your project in mind, we’ll respond to your request and offer consultation to fully comprehend your needs, after which we'll send you a free price for approval. From there, our team of talented developers will work to quickly and accurately convert your Excel spreadsheet to Access database that is completely functioning. Before we deliver the project results to you, we conduct a thorough testing. After our experts convert Excel into Access database, we continue supporting your database solution to ensure you remain satisfied with using it.


Requirements analysis


Building Access database from Excel


Import data from Excel to Access


Data normalization


Connecting Excel to Access database


Testing and Maintenance

Why Access for Business To Export Excel To Access

Our team has over 30 years of expertise working with Microsoft Access and Excel. Every year, we complete dozens of export Excel to Access projects, ensuring a proper transition from one system to another, the safety of your data, and the high-quality performance of your MS Access database afterward. The success of your systems is something that Access for Business actually cares about, just as much as you do.

Our specialists in Excel to Access export services are committed to providing great results, so we have gained the respect of our clients in New Jersey. We will present an excellent solution on time, and within budget.

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We will happily connect you with any of our clients so you can hear their first-hand experience from working with Access for Business. They can give details as to why they choose to entrust us with their database requirements. You can gain a clear picture of the value we offer and the degree of satisfaction our services have regularly delivered.

“Thank you so much for the great work you and your team did developing our new database. We appreciate all of the time you took to understand our complex processes and your suggestions on how to improve them. Without that critical step, we would not have been able to achieve success.The system is working well for all of our administrative and professional staff. The efficiencies we now enjoy are helping us to better serve participating youth and families. We would be happy to recommend you and your company. I look forward to our continued work together.”

Diane E. Ristaino
Quality Assurance Director Bergen's PROMISE

“I am writing to thank you for your consultation and assistance with creation of database for our recent research grant. Your advice has been invaluable throughout the project. Not only have we benefitted from your knowledge and expertise, but you have gone above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met. This included your communication with research grant technology staff as well as those overseeing the national database with which we needed to link. You did this with patience and professionalism. It means so much to know that you continue to be here for us to assist in any way. Your fees are also very reasonable. I strongly endorse your services and hope that we can work together on future projects.”

Jill Harris, Ph.D.
Director of Program Development Children's Specialized Hospital

“I would like to thank you for the time and effort you and your company have put into my database. We told you what was needed. You programmed it, implemented it, and trained us to use it.Whenever I have a problem or a question, your response is quick and to the point. I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone who needs help organizing information.”

Ellen Frankel
Clinical Research Manager Church & Dwight

“As a fabricator of custom machine products, we needed a method to keep track of quotations and sales. We wanted immediate access to custom job history in order to maintain consistency in our quotations.You helped us specify our requirements and then developed a software system that has been in daily use for more than twehie years. We would not hesitate to recommend you to any business that would like to benefit from organizing and using information.”

Tom Thorn
Vice President Midway Machine Products


Our MS Access database developer company has all the positive qualities for productive cooperation and successful fulfillment of your database development projects. Don’t settle for less when you can have the most experienced service provider of MS Access database development in NJ.

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How is Access different from Excel?

The range of uses is where Microsoft Excel and Access are fundamentally separate. MS Excel is a spreadsheet software, while MS Access is a database management system used to create database applications.

Why is Access better than Excel?

Access is often more effective at managing data because it makes it easier to keep it structured, searchable, and accessible to several users at once. In general, Excel is preferable for data analysis since it can handle complex computations, and create excellent visualizations. When it comes to handling and modifying massive volumes of data as well as building intricate links between data tables, Access is more potent than Excel. Additionally, Access provides more sophisticated options for automating operations and running reports.

Can I use Excel and Access together?

Yes, you can. You can import one or more worksheets from an Excel workbook at a time into Access and link Excel to Access connecting two systems. To set up a truly efficient database system, turn to experienced professionals like Access for Business who will help you automate the import of data from Excel to Access.

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