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Use all the advantages of Cloud hosting to advance your MS Access database in terms of performance, speed, security, and more. We offer excellent Access Cloud database services helping businesses of various domains to set up their databases in the Cloud, transferring their valuable data to a reliable storage.

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Our Access Cloud Offerings

Migrating your Microsoft Access on a Cloud basis will make your database available for use from any place in the world. Access for Business provides great opportunities for organizations with on-premises databases to go Cloud. Take the accessibility of your MS Access database to the next level by transitioning it to the MS Azure Cloud environment.

We set up Access Cloud Database

For all users on the server, we install your Microsoft Access database in one go, ensuring its proper functioning. Since the Cloud Access database is only installed once on the hosted server, adding new users. scaling and upgrading are simpler.

We offer Remote Desktop Services

All versions of Microsoft Access with enabled Cloud support will run on Remote Desktop Hosting Servers, allowing access from anywhere with an Internet connection. The Microsoft Access Cloud user experience is incredibly quick and responsive when your access front-end and back-end databases are both online.

We migrate Access Database to Cloud Securely

Professionals at Access for Business can ensure a quick and secure transition of your database from desktop MS Access to the Cloud. We use the most efficient technologies and best practices to make your Cloud-based Access database high-performing and reliable for your business advantage.

Access Database Cloud Services

Why Choose Microsoft Access In The Cloud

Explore what benefits of keeping your Access database in Cloud environments you can obtain. As your trusted service provider, Access for Business guarantees your organization will get all the advantageous features and capabilities.

Access your database from any place

Your team can use the Microsoft Access database simultaneously from a variety of places, including the office, home, airplane, etc. thanks to cloud desktops. This quality has proven to be a necessity due to the challenges of the post-COVID world.

Available on all devices

Your staff members are free to utilize their own smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops since MS Access in the Cloud works on various platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

No need for training

Running on an actual Windows desktop, the Access database in the Cloud is the same that you are accustomed to using. No new system needs to be learned.

Migrate your Access database to Cloud desktops without changes

Your Microsoft Access database will be transferred "as is" to your Cloud desktops with no modifications required. Your data file will be kept in a shared folder so that your employees can access the same database.

The speed of Microsoft Access on Cloud desktops

Microsoft Access database Cloud desktops typically load quicker than they do on local computers connected to an office network. Faster performance accelerates overall business operation tempo.

Reduce Your Costs

Businesses can cut operational costs and capital expenditures associated with utilizing Microsoft Access by reducing on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud Microsoft Access by Access for Business

Access for Business leverages more than 30 years of experience in working with various MS Access projects and over 13 years in delivering Cloud-based Microsoft Access solutions. Whether you need to set up a new Microsoft Access Cloud database developed or transfer your exciting one to the Cloud hosting basis, our company is the right choice to get your initiative implemented on time and on budget.

Since the addition of MS Access Cloud support in the 2010 version, Access for Business has focused on creating opportunities for businesses to bring their data storage and operations to the secure Cloud environment. Because of our long-standing relationship with MS Access, we have become one of the top providers of professional MS Access in Cloud solutions in New Jersey.

Access Development

Features Of Our Access Hosting

Our Microsoft Access Cloud hosting solutions provide businesses with fundamental qualities and functionality capable of altering the ways you utilize your databases. These new features can help you facilitate many internal processes associated with data storage and management.


With just a few clicks, you can deploy a new virtual cloud server and desktop that are already pre-installed with your company's business programs.


Our Access database hosting on Cloud allows your remote teams to use Microsoft Access database from any device, including mobiles, tablets, and laptops.


As your business expands, use Windows cloud desktop and server to scale your Cloud-hosted Access database and storage.

Simple management

Manage your remote users more easily by using a management console. You won't need any additional remote access software for your users.

Facilitated onboarding

Quickly onboard new workers or contractors. They can use your computer resources with the help of our MS Access cloud hosting options for using databases without needing any special hardware.

Environmentally friendly

By storing your Microsoft Access database in the Cloud, you don’t have the need to buy hardware and can lower your company's energy consumption and costs.

Our Access To Cloud Technologies

Specialists at Access for Business have extensive expertise in a variety of essential hosting services, data sources, and Cloud tools to facilitate your MS Access to Cloud migration.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft 365
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SharePoint Online
Microsoft Excel


We will happily connect you with any of our clients so you can hear their first-hand experience from working with Access for Business. They can give details as to why they choose to entrust us with their database requirements. You can gain a clear picture of the value we offer and the degree of satisfaction our services have regularly delivered.

“Thank you so much for the great work you and your team did developing our new database. We appreciate all of the time you took to understand our complex processes and your suggestions on how to improve them. Without that critical step, we would not have been able to achieve success.The system is working well for all of our administrative and professional staff. The efficiencies we now enjoy are helping us to better serve participating youth and families. We would be happy to recommend you and your company. I look forward to our continued work together.”

Diane E. Ristaino
Quality Assurance Director Bergen's PROMISE

“I am writing to thank you for your consultation and assistance with creation of database for our recent research grant. Your advice has been invaluable throughout the project. Not only have we benefitted from your knowledge and expertise, but you have gone above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met. This included your communication with research grant technology staff as well as those overseeing the national database with which we needed to link. You did this with patience and professionalism. It means so much to know that you continue to be here for us to assist in any way. Your fees are also very reasonable. I strongly endorse your services and hope that we can work together on future projects.”

Jill Harris, Ph.D.
Director of Program Development Children's Specialized Hospital

“I would like to thank you for the time and effort you and your company have put into my database. We told you what was needed. You programmed it, implemented it, and trained us to use it.Whenever I have a problem or a question, your response is quick and to the point. I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone who needs help organizing information.”

Ellen Frankel
Clinical Research Manager Church & Dwight

“As a fabricator of custom machine products, we needed a method to keep track of quotations and sales. We wanted immediate access to custom job history in order to maintain consistency in our quotations.You helped us specify our requirements and then developed a software system that has been in daily use for more than twehie years. We would not hesitate to recommend you to any business that would like to benefit from organizing and using information.”

Tom Thorn
Vice President Midway Machine Products


Our MS Access database developer company has all the positive qualities for productive cooperation and successful fulfillment of your database development projects. Don’t settle for less when you can have the most experienced service provider of MS Access database development in NJ.

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What is MS Access database in the Cloud?

When a database is hosted in the Cloud and Microsoft Access is used, it is known as MS Access hosting. On Cloud desktops, Microsoft Access databases can run more quickly than on office networks while also being far more stable and secure.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Access on Cloud databases?

Cloud Access database and hosting services have a number of beneficial features.

  • Sharing hare data and apps with numerous people at once from a central server.
  • Using a remote desktop client to connect from any device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and more.
  • Microsoft Access and other MS Office programs all have optional licensing available.
  • High-speed, redundant network for stable network and availability.
  • It's simple to expand by adding more disk space or user licenses.

Why do businesses choose Access Cloud migration?

Business processes are made simpler by MS Access on Cloud migration. Distributed teams can make use of relational database tables, reporting tools, Access forms, process automation, and other functionalities thanks to the capabilities of Cloud MS Access.

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